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About Me

Sapere Aude

I am the mother of a rebellious girl and a curious boy.

I’m the wife of a restless programmer. I’m an older sister.

I am a friend of few, known by many, perhaps now by many more.

I am a reader, a cinephile, I don´t understand the world without art,

without beauty, without details.

I am two parts in one:

I am the left hemisphere.
The rational, the analyzer.
I question, categorize, solve.
I am analytical thinking.
I search for questions and answers.
Communication, language, languages.
I am practical and pragmatic.
I’m efficient.
I observe. I ask. I answer.
I know exactly what I am.


I am the right hemisphere.
Creativity, the free spirit.
The passion, the yearning, the nonconformist.
I am the sensitivity.
The urge to paint on a blank canvas.
The one that risks, ventures and invents.
The illusion.
I am imagination without limits.
I am resolutive.
I intuit. I empathize. I feel.
I am what I want to be.

Do you want I develop your project?