Case Study 2: Vera | WebApp tourits

My role:

Visual and lead UX designer.


  • User research
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Visual Design

The product: 

We are designing a web corporative. Our target are inversors  and entrepeneurs who want to live and work in Vera.

Project goal: 

Guarantee an easy and please experience to the clients and knowledge about Vera.

Target audience:

Entrepeneurs and tourists.

Project duration:

6 months

Key challenges or constraints:


Choose on the web to find answers


Differences between live and work there.


The information has to be simple and fast.

Research study details:


Initial design concepts:


User testing results:


1-Users want to find contact easily.

2-Users want categories for groups.

3-Users want images on every page.

4-Users prefer to have a buttom to phone on the call to action.

5-Users preferes video to text.

Prioritized Insights:


1-Contact buttom.

2-Categorized video.


1-More defined categories.

User testing results:

High-fidelity prototypes:

Accessibility considerations:

1To complete a task there is a gesture and a voice option too.

2Motion are short to not create confusion.

3Color contrast has been verified with different tools.



It is easy to select and read information on any page.

What I learned:

 I learned to be more concise and the importance to research on the beginning during the low-fidelity phase.