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Web Mill Emociones

Web Design
About This Project
This project is special from the beginning because I  previously worked with Lidia Mill, an amaziong entrepreneur, who contacted me this time to set up her Online Store. A store that sells emotions, that is the idea through which the entire project turned. She sells jewelry made by her with breast milk. A unique memory for each person. It has been a wonderful experience also Julio Romero participated in the  project who was responsible for creating the entire SEO strategy. I was very clear about the design from the beginning … a mother does not want to waste time on a website, wants to fall in love with a product and everything had to be easy and comfortable. Due to all this the web is very clean, with the gold of the logo and some touches (minimum) of pink to highlight some elements. As I use to indicate to my clients, the photos are fundamental, in this case they also reflected the product and the feelings that are established with this very personal link, so the photos of Lluvia Creativa were the key to fit everything perfectly. I hope you like MillEmociones Online Store and if you have mothers nearby you can make them a gift;)